Welcome to Ministry

Welcome to an exciting, enlightening, enriching church! Now that you have become a part of the Freedom Family, it’s vital for your spiritual growth and connection that you begin to consider what group within the church family you want to join.


Each group within the church family is called a ‘ministry.’ Ministry is the sharing with others the gifts and opportunities the Lord gives us to represent Him.


How do you decide? It’s not that difficult at all. Maybe you have had experience working with a small or large group such as block clubs, fund-raisers, youth groups, etc. Join us in exercising your God given gift!


You should always consider answering these questions:

(1) What do I enjoy doing;

(2) What am I good at;

(3) How can I be a blessing to someone?

Above all, allow God to guide you in your decision. 


Finding Your Place in Freedom

The Ministries of the Church are the opportunities for the members of the Church to join in with other members of the Church and share their talents and gifts in getting the work of the Church accomplished.


 What is the work of the Church? Ephesians 4:11,12 puts it this way: “…for the perfecting of the saints for the work of the Ministry; for the edifying of the body of Christ…” It’s whatever we do together that helps the saved in the local congregation represent the claims, the love, and the heart of Jesus Christ for the world. It is the people of God growing, sharing and serving together.


The Church is the ‘body’ of Jesus; and guess what happens as the Church exercises, stretches, and functions as Jesus would in the earth realm? It grows, it gets stronger, it accomplishes more of its assignment – to reach the lost and to bring them all into a saving knowledge, personal relationship, and discipleship commitment with the Lord Jesus Christ.


Here at Freedom, the ministries are viewed as places to serve with your fellow Church members in areas where your interest, passion, skills, experience, gifts are alike.


The ministries currently are grouped in clusters. Each cluster brings together individual ministries that seem to have a common link or concern (Worship, Outreach and Missions, Neighborhood Impact, Discipleship Development, Children-Youth, Worship).


Others are grouped in a cluster based upon their goal in making better disciples out of believers (Empowerment Fellowships, Leadership Training and Development, Stewardship). The Covenant Care groups are the ones that help to see that the claims we make in the Church Covenant are kept.


By the way, the Church Covenant, Church Motto, Mission Statement, and Affirmation is the last section of this booklet. It also appears on the convenient book mark that is available at the Greeter’s Station. Be sure to get one, keep it in your bible and you will always have it when it’s time to read The Covenant in unison on the first Sunday of each month at the beginning of worship.


It is my prayer that you will find your place in ministry. We are not all preachers called to preach the Gospel, but we are all ministers who are to serve Christ by bringing our passion and interests together with each other and getting His work done in His name. Be among the many who show their love by sharing in the work.

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